motorcycle helmet shopResearch over several decades has proven comprehensively that wearing a best motorcycle helmets can significantly reduce the chances of suffering serious brain injury because of an accident or an unexpected fall. Unfortunately a very large number of people using motorcycles are ending up with very serious physical injuries especially to the head because they have not been wearing a helmet at the time of that accident.

Some people are ignoring the fact that motorcycle helmets have been designed specifically to prevent unnecessary injuries. A helmets can reduce the impact that a person’s head is making with a hard surface when an accident takes place.

Because of their particular design, helmets actually compress when they make contact with a solid surface which substantially decreases the seriousness of that impact because of their ability to disperse and also absorb an otherwise lethal force.

Wearing a motorcycle helmet reduces riders’ chances of dying in a motorcycle crash by 37%. Motorcycle helmets principally offer two types of protection in a crash: impact protection (helmet protects a biker from brain damage with an inner layer of crushable material), and abrasion protection (helmet prevents a biker to suffer from a neck injury with its outer coating). Motorcyclists can be saved from severe injuries if they wear appropriate motorcycle helmet types.

19 states in the United States (US) require all riders to wear a helmet, 28 states require some motorcyclists to wear it, and three states (Illinois, Iowa, and New Hampshire) require no rider to wear a helmet. It is sensible for motorcycle riders to wear a helmet to avoid any damage whether motorcycle helmet law applies in their states or not. There are distinct motorcycle helmet types, and each motorcycle helmet does not work the same way.


Factors to Consider Before Buying A Motorcycle Helmet

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Safety Standards

Two organizations have set safety standards for motorcycle helmets in the US; the Federal Government Department of Transportation (DOT), and Snell Memorial Foundation. Dot has set minimum safety standards, and Snell has set highest safety standards for motorcycle helmets. Helmets meeting either DOT or Snell standards are good helmets for motorcyclists.


A helmet should be comfortable for a biker to wear and must fit perfectly on his head. All motorcycle helmet types do not fit well on the head. A motorcyclist should put a helmet on its head while he’s in a helmet shop and keep it worn for at least 10-15 minutes to test its comfort factor.

Wind Resistance

A motorcycle helmet should be aerodynamic. It should keep rider’s head straight against air pressure. It should have face shield to a prevent a motorcyclist from becoming a victim of the neck strain.


A helmet should not be heavy. The weighty helmet will be difficult for riders to move while riding and can cause pain in their necks. A lightweight helmet should be a choice of bikers for a peaceful ride.


Visibility is another important factor that every motorcyclist must consider while buying a helmet. A rider should test the helmet by wearing it and see if he can clearly see distant and nearby objects. Doing so will help him find the right helmet for best visibility factor.


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